Campster Camping Chair

Heading out into the wild is a most attractive proposition right now and for those who want to make their camping trips as comfortable as possible in the future, investing in one of these Campster Camping Chairs might just be the way to go. Funding over on Indiegogo right now, this fantastically designed and versatile Campster Camping Chair has taken the platform by storm and, as you’ll soon see, it’s not difficult to see why that is the case.

The Campster Camping Chair on Indiegogo is available for the bargain price of just $79 during the campaign which is some 38% off the final intended retail price so if you like to get a great deal with your camping accessories, make sure you move quickly with this one. Billed as the most compact, lightweight and robust portable chair in high-end material and finish, this is going to delivered all the comfort and functionality that you demand for your next outdoors adventure.

Ramp Up Your Camping

Let’s face it, you can’t beat a comfortable place to sit when you’re out in the wild and this Campster Camping Chair on Indiegogo will give you exactly that. It is positively chock full of excellent features which help to set it apart from the competition and make the sub-$100 price tag all the more remarkable. This includes the fact it is ultra-portable and folds down to the size of a bottle and incredibly lightweight at a mere 2 lbs/0.97 kg so it won’t weigh you down on your outdoor adventures.

The Campster Camping Chair (from $79) is effortlessly simple to set up and will be ready to use in as little as 10 seconds. There is no assembly required and has a 1-piece telescopic design which aids its first class portability. It has an anodised aluminium body which is responsible for its robust, no-nonsense performance – something which is essential from any camping equipment.

Boasting an aesthetically impressive, high-end look which comes in black or space grey, the Campster Camping Chair has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and it’s not hard to see the campaign is rapidly closing in on a £250k in funding so far. The three leg design of the Campster provides superior seating comfort, manoeuvrability as well as giving stability – and sitting freedom that is seldom find in camping apparatus of this nature.

Great Value for Money

It’s hard to believe that you can get your hands on this exceptional piece of camping equipment for just $79 during the Indiegogo campaign and, if you’ve got plenty of camping trips planned over the next few months and into 2021, it’s a no-brainer in our opinion here at The Coolector. The seating height (43cm 17″) is a feature not found in ANY other super portable chairs. Sitpack, the brand behind Campster, researched all portable chairs in the same compact category, and after testing they found huge value in sitting high and packing small.

So simple to set up and no assembly at all required, it’s not difficult to fathom why the Campster Camping Chair is taking Indiegogo by storm right now and for those looking to enhance the comfort of their next camping excursion, the opportunity to bag this chair for a bargain price is likely to good an opportunity to pass up.

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