Sergio Ingravalle Movie Illustrations

We love movies at The Coolector. We also have a distinct penchant for awesome illustrators. We’re in luck with an uber talented chap by the name of Sergio Ingravalle then because not only is he wonderfully adept with this creative talents, he has lent them to some of our favourite (and iconic) movies out there for a series of movie illustrations which are, frankly, fantastic.

Ingravalle is a German freelance illustrator and graphic designer and each of his first class movie illustrations have been sketched by hand which makes them all the more impressive in our eyes here at Coolector HQ and the fact he has taken on the likes of Drive, Death Proof, The Social Network and The Shining in his movie themed series is definitely going to give it a broad appeal that will impress similar film and design aficionados out there. You can take a look at a few of our favourites from Ingravalle’s movie inspired illustrations below:


























We’re huge fans of Ingravalle’s skilled drawings here at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to see what other movies come under his purview in 2015. He has a distinct style of his own in his artistic talents and the fact that they have each been drawn by hand and annotated with a synopsis of the movie really does add an extra dimension to proceedings and these would make great looking prints to hang on any movie lovers wall. Hint, hint, Ingravalle.

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