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There is a big wide world out there waiting to be explored and discovered and when you do head out into the wilds, it is infinitely more rewarding if you document your adventures and discoveries and whilst, for most people, this will entail taking photos aplenty, there are the more nostalgically minded out there who prefer a good old fashion pencil and paper when it comes to documented this travels and, for those people, there is the awesome looking Word The Adventure Log Notebook.

Carefully tailored to making it as easy as possible to write down your experiences and travels, The Adventure Log Notebook from Word is made in collaboration with Bradley Mountain and for those who spend their lives entirely untethered from a desk it is an essential bit of kit to tuck away in the rucksack and will make it so much easier to remember the experiences and events that you encountered when you return to civilisation. Each of the pages on The Adventure Log Notebook has call-outs that give you prompts to fill in times / dates / locations and experiences and plenty of clear space to write more in depth reports of your adventures.

Each notebook is made and illustrated in the USA and boasts a superb outdoors-esque aesthetic and with 48 pages to be filled, it should suffice for a good number of adventures before you need to get your travel loving mitts on another one. Take a look at a few more shots of the Word The Adventure Log Notebook below:








If you’ve adventures planned over the next few months and have been looking for a cool, functional and versatile means of documenting them, then one of these brilliant looking The Adventure Log Notebooks from Word seems like the ideal place to start to us. Made in the USA and catering to those with a pioneering spirit, these awesome little accessories are a must for any regular walker in the wilderness.

Price: $12

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