Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Things are getting inexorably smarter nowadays – be it your watch, your phone or your music devices – so its important to have an equally as smart controller to keep them all in check. It’s for that reason then that this ace looking Sevenhugs Smart Remote has turned our heads here at Coolector HQ and if you’re all about having full control over your devices then you’ll want to take a look at it too.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote definitely looks the part and has been wowing crowds at CES recently with its technical prowess. This excellent looking smart device is made all the more impressive due to the fact that it is the world’s first contextual remote to control anything at home with just one touch – something that we’ll all surely appreciate.

Currently available for pre-order, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote will likely be an essential purchase for most tech obsessed chaps in 2016 and the fact that it is capable of instantly recognising where and what you’re pointing to and adapting its screen and UI resultantly is something which is definitely going to make it stand out from the crowd. Take a look at a few more shots below:






We’re not going to lie, we love our technology here at The Coolector and the Sevenhugs Smart Remote is patently right up our street. A great little gadget that will change the way you interact with your smart devices at home and one that is compatible with more or less any piece of equipment you’re likely to own.

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