Shark Sushi Plate

We’re not fans of either sharks or sushi here at Coolector HQ to be honest but combine them together and you’ve got yourself a winner. No, not shark sushi but this rather fantastical Shark Sushi Plate by ceramics specialist, AviCeramics.

Operating out of Massachusetts, AviCeramics have a small but perfectly formed collection of wares and we’re most impressed with this glorious looking Shark Sushi Plate which, truth be told, could be utilised for many a tasty snack, not necessarily sushi related.

The Shark Sushi Plate from AviCeramics is designed with sushi in mind as the shark’s mouths can be used to hold your soy sauce but, let’s face it, they’re also crying out for chips and dip and delicious snacks of that ilk. Check out a few more shots below:




If you’re particularly fond or sushi or know someone that is terrified of sharks, then this is ideal fodder for a gift and we’re loving this Shark Sushi Plate from AviCeramics here at The Coolector. Each plate is 12.5 X 6 inches and the the shark is 4 inches tall so there is plenty of space for a good spread of delicious treats on these plates and your choice of food and dip is limited only by your own imagination.

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