Sharknado Movie

I know it’s a bit early for Oscar season bluster but, truth be told, all the other films (even those from Oscar baiting auteurs like Bigelow, Speilberg and Paul Thomas Anderson) won’t be getting a look in the year because, out of the blue, there is a lock for this year’s Best Film Oscar and, following in the footsteps of Jaws which swept up at the Oscars, this year’s front-runner in the betting sweepstakes is that of the impeccable looking Sharknado.

It is, essentially, the holy triumvirate in film circles of impeccable acting, a believable storyline and out of this world special effects, it is little wonder that Sharknado is everyone’s front-runner for this year’s Best Film Gong*. Starring the timeless Tara Reid and everyone’s favourite leading man, Alex Arleo, star of other classics such as The Haunting of Whaley House and Celebrity Sex Tape, it’s safe to say Sharknado boasts all the hallmarks of a Hollywood classic.

It may not be a “front-runner” per se.

The story revolves around the very likely happenstance of a load of great white sharks getting swept up in a tornado and then deposited in a flood-hit Los Angeles and carnage, inevitably, ensues. Now, I don’t regularly tune in to the National Geographic channel but I assume that the Sharknado phenomenon happens two to three times a year, right?


You can check out this bit of Oscar bait at IMDB.

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