Shine Craft Vessel Co.

We’re rather firm fans of booze here at The Coolector and are rather rueful that the concept of drinking our alcohol from growlers hasn’t really caught on in the UK as of yet because we very much like the idea of having a vast quantity of our favourite tipple in a single vessel and, if we had our way, it would be these Shine Craft Vessel Co. Growlers that finally crack the UK market because they look, quite frankly, awesome.

Shine Craft Vessel Co. are a Virginia based purveyor of spiffing looking barware and their great growlers have certainly caught our eye with their understated visuals and booze holding capabilities. This excellent brand have the intention of crafting top quality, function driven products and their growlers have a superb sense of style that appeals to our sensibilities considerably here at Coolector HQ.

If you too love a good old drinking session and want a vessel that meets your alcohol imbibing requirements and which looks ace while doing it, these Shine Craft Vessel Co. Growlers will tick all the requisite boxes, we’re sure. Available in a multitude of colours and crafted in individual batches of 100, these growlers are constructed of 23 gauge, 304 food-grade, single-walled stainless steel to provide the immensely eye-catching finish you see before you. Check out some of our favourites below:






We’re definitely fans of Shine Craft Vessels and their superb array of growlers here at Coolector HQ and given our unparalleled love of craft ales, it is making us pretty thirsty just looking at them truth be told. A great product from a purveyor who makes things in the right way with a design which is right up our street. Kudos, chaps.

Price: $50

Available: Shine Craft Vessel Co.

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