Shinola Canfield Headphones

When we first discovered Shinola here at Coolector HQ it was because of an awesome looking bike they had crafted and then we came to know and love them for their timepieces and now we’re delighted to see them really branch out into the world of audio technology with these supremely dapper and fantastic performing Shinola Canfield Headphones which will deliver unparalleled aesthetics and top of the range sound quality.

The Shinola Canfield Headphones are available in two different iterations – the on-ear and over-ear varieties – and, additionally, a number of different colourways so regardless of how you like to listen to your favourite tunes, chances are you’ll fine the ideal solution in these great looking headphones from the guys at Shinola. We’re loving the retro style aesthetic with a contemporary edge and you’ll be blown away by the quality of sound they’re capable of producing.

First Rate Visuals Combine With Exemplary Sound

Shinola have really put a lot of stock in their audio department and these headphones are the pinnacle of their achievements to date. Wonderfully well crafted and as cool looking as they come, you’ll be enamoured with both their performance and the way that they look. As mentioned, they come in two different styles so whether you’re more of an on-ear guy or over-ear chap, you can take your pick.

With the over-ear Shinola Canfield Headphones you’ll find them capable of emitting a sound which is so rich and vivid, you’ll wonder where these headphones have been all your life. With audio technology of this calibre, you really do hear more of what your favourite music artists intended with their releases and each pair is acoustically tuned¬†and engineered by Shinola’s audio department boast eye-catching stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear pads and luxurious top grain leather headbands.

Equally as excellent are the Shinola Canfield On Ear Headphones which offer all the same fine features as the the over ear but with slightly smaller dimensions for a more compact look and feel. The quality of the finish and materials used with both types of headphones is second to none and if you’re in the market for a top of the range audio solution for when you’re on the go, these brilliant headphones from Shinola certainly dine at the top table.

Classy Design

As with all the products from Shinola, design is put front and centre and so it has proven once again with these devilishly dapper Canfield Headphones. Bold, robust and boasting the sort of tangible quality we’ve come to expect from the Detroit based brand, you’ll be in your element with these superb headphones if you take your music seriously.

Headphones was a logical step for Shinola’s audio team and we’re glad to see that they’ve very much seemed to have hit a home run with their flagship offering in this department. Effortlessly cool with an impeccable sound quality, we fully expect these to be another triumph for a brand increasingly making waves in the audio industry.

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