Studio AR&D Architects Desert Palisades Guardhouse

There are certain aesthetics that we gravitate towards when it comes to architecture and it’s fair to say that unusual, rustic style designs are definitely to our liking here at Coolector HQ. We’ve not seen many better examples of this of late than the wonderfully designed and executed Desert Palisades Guardhouse from Studio AR&D Architects and if you’re a fan of striking, angular exteriors, this is definitely one for you too.

Studio AR&D Architects are a California based design firm and this stunning Desert Palisade Guardhouse has to be one of their most stand out creations to date. This mesmerising piece of design was, somewhat extraordinarily given how amazing the finished property is, originally intended to be a gatehouse to a luxurious and long awaited residential development but the designers at AR&D decided that this property should be just as amazing as the properties it leads to and set to work on their masterpiece.

Raw & Rugged Terrain

Given the uncompromising, desert locale of this first rate structure, Studio AR&D Architects needed to make the exterior of the Desert Palisade Guardhouse equally as uncompromising and weathered in nature and they’ve pulled off this aesthetic with some considerable aplomb. The materials picked for the structure were chosen for their robust characteristics, timelessness and how they brilliantly complimented to the desert surroundings in which the property is set. The visual profile of the property was designed to reflect both the nature and thrusting of the hillside slope.

The Desert Palisade Guardhouse from Studio AR&D Architects is wonderfully designed around natural rock formations in the desert and the designers wanted the boulders to seem extremely close to the roof but not quite touching it physically. Instead they decided that the tension created between the two structures, natural and man-made, was perfect and wanted them to speak to the other while still remaining separate of one another – and this creates an astounding visual impact the minute you lay eyes on this stylish abode.

Spectacular from the outside, the good news just keeps on coming when you step inside the Desert Palisade Guardhouse and it has a minimalistic, comfortable vibe that makes it the perfect place to reside when welcoming homeowners to the planned residential development. It’s such a well thought out design and one that really fits in with the barren desert type landscapes which surround it.

Stunning Design

The cantilever design of this magnificent structure really does add a mighty fine aesthetic appeal to proceedings and it was of paramount importance to the designers that the materials used for the outer shell and structure be left to their own devices to patina naturally as this delivers the eye-catching aesthetic that is impossible to ignore.

Inside was a different story however with the materials used being intended to communicate a dichotomy between the building and natural elements outside. It was important that the materials chosen provided a warmth and robust connection to the surrounding landscape and, as you can see, this is definitely a case of mission accomplished.

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