Shinola Leather Wallet

We’re firm fans of Shinola timepieces here at Coolector HQ and we were, somewhat shamefully, not really aware that they’ve also got a rather spiffing range of leather goods such as this frankly awesome Shinola Leather Wallet above. We very much approve of Shinola’s operating out of Detroit and trying to breath new life into the flagging city and with wares as sensational as these they are definitely giving Motor City a good name.

If you want a great looking wallet this spring we can definitely direct your attention in the direction of fantastically crafted leather offerings from Shinola and you can rest assured they have been made using the best materials and craftsmanship. They have been made by hand in America from premium, vegetable tanned Horween leather and will gain character in appearance through daily use.

The leather goods crafted by Shinola, including this spiffing wallet, are made in one of America’s longest running tanneries so the quality really does speak for itself. All of Shinola’s goods are about American made quality and these excellent wallets are no exception. Check out some of the different varieties available below:




We’re absolutely loving these wallets from Shinola here at Coolector HQ and whenever they release new goods onto the market, we invariably sit up and take notice and though we weren’t overly aware of their leather goods previously, we certainly are now.

Price: $80

Available: Shinola

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