Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap

At Shinta Mani Angkor you are treated to interior design opulence, impeccable staff and a supremely relaxing location right on the cusp of everything Siem Reap has to offer.

10 Welcome
9 Location
8 Amenities
10 Staff
9 Comfort
8 Food & Drink
9 Room
9 Value for Money

When you find a luxury hotel that feels like a home, chances are you’ll instantly take to it and will already be planning your next stay whilst you’re still there and that’s exactly the situation we found ourselves in here at The Coolector upon arrival at Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap. Part of a holy trinity of awesome hotels within close proximity to one another – the other two being Shinta Mani Shack and the Bensely Residences – we were delighted to see such a luxurious property awaiting us when we pulled up outside Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel.

Following a wonderful welcome from the supremely friendly staff at this hotel, the first thing that immediately strikes you is the bold visual impact that it possesses and you’d expect from a hotel designed by much vaunted architect, Bill Bensley. This superbly appointed hotel is located a short distance from the hustle and bustle of downtown Siem Reap and is all the more relaxing and peaceful for it. Though you’re just a stone’s throw from the action so to speak, you really don’t get sense of it at all and it really is a serene space in which to truly unwind and relax in decadent luxury.

Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap is best described as an upscale boutique property and the fact it is a real labour of love from acclaimed architect Bill Bensley shines through in every element of the interior design. There are just 39 contemporary designed rooms and public spaces nestled within the Khmer inspired design and you feel like nothing is too much trouble for the attentive and friendly staff that you encounter with regularity throughout the complex. This exceptional Angkor hotel boasts a truly tranquil and verdant position within the French Quarter of Siem Reap and we absolutely loved every minute of our two day stay here.

Responsible Tourism

Something that we noted during our stay in Siem Reap is just how many hotels are dedicated to responsible tourism and Shinta Mani Angkor is no exception. The operate a culture of Open Doors, Open Hearts which they  hope that during your visit you will open your heart to the beauty of the Kingdom of Cambodia, its gentle people and its fascinating culture and they go above and beyond to promote local events such as the superbly entertaining Phare Circus on the outskirts of Siem Reap which showcases the talents of local acrobats.

Everywhere you look within Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer attention to detail that has gone into every element of the design. We loved the little touches during our stay and the use of local ornaments and artefacts really does add to the visual appeal of the property as a whole. You’ll be utterly bewitched by the soft lighting, fragrant scents and contemporary Cambodian design, all concocted by American interiors specialist Bill Bensley. Whether you’re enjoying one of the hotel’s tailored tours to Angkor’s dazzling temples, or simply revelling in your spacious suite or savour the stunning swimming pool, soothing spa and dreamy swing-seat dining, you’ll never be short of things to do here.

Our room at Shinta Mani Angkor was a very impressive one with a great little balcony which overlooked the hotel’s aesthetically superior swimming pool. There are six different styles of rooms to choose from at the hotel – from Superior Room through to Deluxe Living Room – and each has been wonderfully well decorated and filled with the latest pieces of tech – including a personal router that you can take out of the hotel with you so you’ve got WiFi everywhere you go – something that will come in particularly handy in the remote temples.

Fantastic Food & Drink

A real highlight of our stay at this spectacular boutique hotel on the outskirts of Siem Reap was the superb food and drink options dotted about the hotel (in addition to a local craft beer pub literally around the corner). At Shinta Mani Angkor Hotel there is a first rate restaurant by the name of Kroya which means “food” in the Khmer Royal language is the Shinta Mani Angkor’s unique restaurant inspired by Shinta Mani’s heritage. We loved the food here and they were very accommodating to our requirements.

Above Kroya, you’ll find the Bensely Bar which is a great little spot for a cocktail, beer or snack after a long day of exploring the temples of Siem Reap. Named after hotel’s world renowned architect Bill Bensley, the cool grey hued bar offers a laid back environment for just relaxing and watching the world go by and, if you go in rainy season as we did, taking refuge from a deluge or thunder, lightning and rain.

We also enjoyed the use of the hotel’s sensational spa during our stay at Shinta Mani Angkor which offers a range of treatments in its one spa suite and three double treatment rooms. It really was a sanctuary of serenity and a haven of refuge and we can thoroughly recommend getting a massage here if you’re feeling at all weary because its rejuvenating qualities really were second to none.

We love the interior designs of Bill Bensley here at Coolector HQ so it was never in any doubt that we’d enjoy our stay at this breathtaking luxury hotel but what we couldn’t account for was just how friendly the staff were and relaxing an atmosphere they have managed to cultivate. For anyone holidaying on Siem Reap and on the look out for a gloriously appointed, welcoming and relaxing place to spend a few days then this would certainly be one of our first picks.

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