Mil-Spec Launch Edition #004

When you see the price tag of a vehicle is more than some houses, you’re going to expect quite a bit of bang for your buck. Well, the Mil-Spec Launch Edition #004 is one such vehicle that left us a little agog with its $249,000 price but when you dig a little deeper into what’s actually on offer with this miraculous looking machine, it becomes a much less bitter pill to swallow because this steed is, quite frankly, extraordinary.

The Mil-Spec Launch Edition #004 is, as the name suggests, Mil-Spec’s fourth iteration of their launch range of machines and it is undoubtedly one of the most visually arresting and accomplished to date with a multitude of new features and design touches which help to set it apart from its predecessors. For those of you with considerably deeper pockets than ours here at Coolector HQ, read on.

Out Of This World Specifications

As you’d doubtless expect from a vehicle this pricy, there is a real attention to detail with the little things (and the big things) to make this one of the most monstrously impressive vehicles you’re ever likely to see on the road. This stunning ride from Mil-Spec Auto is a real sight to behold and has a baja style aesthetic which is reminiscent of the workshop’s very first production prototype and will provide a visual impact out on the road like no other.

The Mil-Spec Launch Edition #004 has been built as the second inventoried unit that has been made available to the public to purchase in a four door-hardtop configuration. This is one uncompromising machine and one that is going to make short work of any off-road terrains you come across on your road tripping adventures. Mil-Spec built this truck as a call back to the original Launch Edition prototype that they first crafted over 3 years ago. It is optioned to have a baja style theme with its Desert Tan paint selection that military aficionados are definitely going to appreciate.

This latest iteration from Mil-Spec boasts  larger 40 inch tires – something that is not normally offered on our Launch Edition options sheet. The interior of exceptional machine is a standard duck canvas and black leather scheme that keeps things looking as authentic as possible whilst also maintaining plenty of luxury additions to boot. The interiors have black accents to match the low gloss exterior trim and you’ll love the no-nonsense approach to the design process throughout the Launch Edition #004.

Luxury Meets Brawn

Whilst there is an undeniable sense of luxury to this quarter of a million dollar machine, what really makes it stand out is its unparalleled brawn and power that goes into its breathtaking performance. Each machine that emerges from the Mil-Spec workshop has been made with the finest possible mechanical components, materials and add-ons and its certainly no exception here.

The $249,000 price tag is, of course, a pretty prohibitive one for most people but for those with the budget for it, you’ll be unlikely to find a better performing, more visually impactful steed than the Mil-Spec Launch Edition #004. A truly mesmerising machine that has been built to last and to tackle anything that can possibly come its way.

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