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When us Brits think about our summer holidays, our own beaches and coastline are not, truth be told, the first that we think about but this definitely does them a disservice and this is something that Shore Projects are only too aware of with their decidedly spiffing series of watches that are inspired by the British seaside and all that it entails.

Shore Projects was created by a group of friends who noticed that none of them sported a watch and they wanted to come up with a solution that was impeccably crafted, modern, simple and fit for everyday use and, with that, their series of smashing watches was born and they now boast an extensive array of collections from which to choose.

Vintage is certainly the prevailing style with Shore Project Watches and they boast a smashing selection of timepieces for those after a minimalist style watch that still packs a considerable visual punch and we’re definitely impressed with the quality of their design and the impressive features to be found with all of their brilliantly priced watches.

The watches boast stainless steel cases with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass front which makes them well suited to withstand the rigours of everyday wear and tear and those with leather straps have been sourced from Italian so the quality of the leather is exceptional. As the timepieces are inspired by the sea, it makes sense that they have a 100m water resistance so you can enjoy wearing them whilst taking a splash in the deep blue – take a look at some of these cracking watches below:





For a quintessentially British watch with a distinct emphasis on quality and an inspiration taken from our wonderfully vintage seasides, their can be no better choice than these top notch timepieces from Shore Projects. We’ve fallen for the simple design and dedication to quality that this superb brand exhibit and if you’re in the market for an affordable and undeniably stylish watch, these from Shore Projects should be your first port of call.

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