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One thing that most people will notice during their daily commutes on trains will be that most people around them will be glued to their smartphone screen reading some bit of news or other but some will inevitably be longer than others and, if you’re the organised sort, and want to properly schedule your commute into reading chunks, the brilliant looking Short Reading App might just be your perfect ally.

The Short Reading App is the work of a pair of gadget lovers, German designer, Alex Muench, and Spanish developer, Enric Enrich and it is billed as the ideal app for busy individuals who want to make sure they can properly group their saved articles for reading into tangible chunks based on how long each will take to read. You can group articles into five minute and ten minute reads and allocate parts of your commute accordingly. Most people’s commute to work want be hugely extensive and you will want to find the sort of short articles that can be quickly digested during the commute and Short App helps you to find them and delivers them straight to your phone.

We will read plenty of articles during our own commute at Coolector HQ and we know that plenty of others will be in the same boat and the Short Reading App is able to filter the articles into reading time segments based on the average reading rate of 200 words per minute. Check out a few more shots of Short in action below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]



iPhone 6 Plus_Tutorial_1

For those who are regular readers whilst commuting, the Short Reading App will definitely make it much easier to manage your reading time by giving you articles that have the sort of length that match the amount of time that you will spend commuting. A great little idea which we’re thoroughly impressed by here at The Coolector and we dare say plenty of others will be downloading this free app sooner rather than later.

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