ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip

As we all know, smartphone technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and in no component is this more evident than with the quality of the camera nestled within your everyday companion. But, regardless of the quality of the camera, taking pictures and videos with the smartphones of today still isn’t that user friendly from an ergonomic point of view and that’s why we need excellent accessories like this ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip in our lives.

The ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip is a pretty self-explanatory bit of kit but it offers an impressive amount of functionality and versatility to go along with its obvious aesthetic appeal and for those of you who are serious about taking pictures and videos with your smartphone, you should always be taking it along for the ride. This cracking bit of photography equipment is billed as being a multifunctional tool for creative travellers and visual storytellers and if that sounds like you, then you know what you need to do.

Quality in Spades

There are, needless to say, other products like the ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip on the market but few can come close to offer the sort of performance and visual appeal of this cracking accessory and we’re loving the fact a real effort has gone into making the device aesthetically appealing as well as functionally superior. This superb little piece of photography apparatus is, essentially, a top quality handle-grip that will hold your smartphone camera professionally in order to allow you to capture superior quality shots.

The ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip fits with more or less any mobile device as a result of its adjustable mechanism and wide rubber pads so, regardless of whether you’re rocking an iPhone or a Samsung et al, this won’t let you down. It boasts three principle functions which will make it appeal to the creative inclined and these are acting as a tripod mount which is both solid and reliable, a filmmaker handle for capturing secure and steady videos on the go and, last but not least, a traveller stand which lets you position your smartphone in a portrait or landscape orientation.

Built for adventure, the ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip comes equipped with a robust wrist strap so you’re not accidentally going to lose grip of your smartphone whilst taking action photos or videos. This allows you to fully focus on your on your visual story without fretting about the prospect of dropping your smartphone whilst capturing your footage. Lightweight and durable, this great accessory is easy to port about and will become an essential addition to your EDC if you’re regularly creating content with your smartphone.

Impeccable Design and Craftsmanship

Quality abounds with these ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grips and each one is designed and industrially crafted in Barcelona. All the components are made in local Spanish workshops and the final assembly is carried out by ShoulderPod’s own team of master craftsmen. The modular nature of this first rate accessory means that you can add more essential pieces to it to become the ultimate photography rig and to give yourself a real professional set up using just your smartphone device.

If taking fantastic photos and videos with your smartphone is something that is important to you, having the right equipment to hand is a must and they don’t come much more useful (not to mention wonderfully designed and crafted) as this ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip which will see you creating your photos and videos in some considerable style from now on.

Price: €40

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