SideEffects Prints

We’re constantly on the lookout for cool prints with which to decorate Coolector HQ and we’ve just come across some that have caught our eye in the form of these bonkers looking but obviously brilliant SideEffects Prints. Boasting the sort of eclectic and unusual designs that we certainly favour here at The Coolector, this superb series of prints are certainly going to make for a stylish addition to our headquarters.

SideEffects is billed as an online shop for art lovers and it’s impossible not to be impressed with the super cool array of prints that are to found on their well stocked shelves. They aim to create prints for living and work spaces that engage and provide a breath of fresh air, far removed from the mundane or generic artwork that is so prevalent on the market today and, by jove, we think they’ve done it.




So, if you’re in the market for some new artwork in 2014 that isn’t the same old fare with which you’ve been filling your home or office in the past, you’ll definitely do well to pay SideEffects a visit as they boast one of the best collection of prints that we here at Coolector HQ have lain eyes on in some time.

Price: $80+

Available: SideEffects

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