Silver House

Wales is a country we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and the Gower Peninsula in particular is one of it’s most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes so it makes perfect sense for one of its most amazing pieces of contemporary architecture to also reside there – say hello to the Silver House by Hyde + Hyde Architects.

A truly stunning piece of design which capitalises on its magnificent location on the Welsh coast, close to one of the world’s best loved beaches, the Silver House from Hyde + Hyde Architects is a sight to behold and boasts many an engaging design feature that make it such a welcoming place to live for its lucky owners. Only recently completed, this mesmerising property was recently  awarded the Royal Society of Architects Wales, ‘Best Building of 2017’ and it’s not difficult to see why.

Out of this World Architecture 

It is plain to see that an awful lot of thought has gone into the design principles behind the Silver House and it’s elegant, eye-catching visual components are something that really are impossible to ignore. This stunning construct is about as elegant and sophisticated as it gets and it boasts a conceptual clarity that is beyond compare. This first class dwelling is absolutely overflowing with clever design ideas that add to its overall appeal and despite everything that’s going on, it manages to retain an air of minimalism that is so popular in contemporary architectural design.

The Silver House from Hyde + Hyde Architects has incredible views out towards the Oxwich Point part of the Gower Peninsula and these views form a central part of the design of the amazing property. Wood features heavily from an aesthetic point of view throughout the Silver House and the ground floor of the building takes its design inspiration from the medieval tradition of dry stone walling which is common in the area. It has portal windows to the ground floor bedrooms which cantilever over a reflecting pool that gathers rainwater from the roofs above and provides a striking visual impact.

With the living space located on the first floor, which rests on exposed timber beams, the Silver House uses the elevated living spaces to really make the most of the glorious views of the Gower Peninsula. This stunning property even has a sound recording studio situated within the basement which gathers natural light through the reflecting pool which can be found surrounding the property.

Weather Ready

The Gower Peninsula might be one of Wales’ most spectacular stretches of coastline but it can also get a buffeting from the wind and rain from time to time so it’s important that any property built here is capable of withstanding the elements and that’s something that has been factored into the design of the Silver House from Hyde + Hyde. The main monopitch roof reacts to the relentless wind and rain which blows from the open ocean over a timeless landscape.

A truly amazing piece of architecture in one of our favourite Welsh regions, the Silver House is testament to the design skills of Hyde + Hyde Architects and they’ve done a superb job of really ensuring that the property makes the most of its unparalleled location on the peninsula.

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