If you’re anything like us, you’ve understandably had health and wellbeing top of mind the last 12 months. To that end, we’ve been on the hunt for products that can help. This led us nicely to the Scandinavian brand Simris and their fantastic lineup of omega-3s. Simris offers supplements for everyone from super-active folk to expectant mothers, so regardless of the sort of health benefits you’re looking for, they’ll have something that fits the bill.

The state-of-the-art supplements from Simris are designed to give your body what it requires to be the best version of you: a timeless luxury that will never go out of style. With Simris, you can invest in the opulence that is being able to enjoy life to its fullest, treat yourself to essential omegas and a healthy, active and caring lifestyle courtesy of their cruelty-free products

Omegas Without The Overfishing

Getting the omega-3s we all need should not come at the expense of our oceans and the fish that live there, and that’s where Simris comes in. Simris goes straight to the original source of omega-3s – namely, microalgae. The Simris® Algae Omega-3 line of supplements are award-winning, superior omega-3 soft gels with algal oils from the company’s own farm in Southern Sweden. No fish, no harm.

There are plenty of tangible benefits to Simris’ omega-3s – not least of which is the functioning of our brains. 10-15% of the human brain is literally made up of omega-3 fats so their importance cannot be emphasized enough. Add cognitive function, sleep quality, cell function,  foetus and infant brain development, childhood learning – our bodies and omega-3s were made for each other. Not to mention extra omega-3 perks including improved hair quality, skin appearance, nail strength… the list goes on.

And whether you’re a fitness guru or you opt for the occasional workout, Simris has got your back when it comes to exercise, too. Any fitness insider will know that omega-3s are absolutely pivotal to performance-driven diets: they are essential in combating inflammation; keeping joints in good health; maintaining cardiovascular health; and aiding in post-workout recovery,  fat burning and protein synthesis. Take your health to the next level this summer by investing in Simris’ superior omegas and start living life to its fullest.

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