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Spending time at one with nature, out in the wilderness is something that certainly appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ but we’re well aware that the prospect of putting up tents, dealing with bugs and the like isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s why glamping is increasing in popularity all the time. We’ve seen few better examples of this sort of break than the SJCC Glamping Resort in South Korea which is nestled in woodland and boasts exactly the right amount of luxury to coincide with the wilderness surroundings.

The SJCC Glamping Resort in South Korea has been designed by Atelier Chang and consists of a collection of bold, vibrant, brightly coloured tents dotted around the woodland and which has a luxurious looking communal building as the central hub. The aim is to offer tourists a luxury camping experience on a glorious, cypress-covered mountain close to the South Korean city of Suncheon and if you want to camp in luxury, this is the spot to do it.

Luxury in Suncheon 

There are 16 brightly coloured camping pods at the SJCC Glamping Resort in South Korea and Atelier Chang has designed each to deliver connection with the great outdoors whilst also ensuring the sort of luxury and relaxation that might not come with conventional camping, when you have to put up the tent yourself. This amazing looking resort in Suncheon has been carefully position to to make the most of the views over the Suncheon Ecological Bay, which is situated around 300 kilometres south of Seoul on the southern coast.


The SJCC Glamping Resort offers the ultimate in outdoor retreats where you get to enjoy nature without having to compromise on comfort and we’re loving the vibrant style of its design here at The Coolector. This mesmerising resort has been designed for those would-be campers who want to be close – but not too close – to the great outdoors. It has been plumbed and wired into the mains, so each visitor can enjoy cooking in their pods, as well as dining at an on-site restaurant – making it a much more civilised affair than traditional camping trips but no less engaging.

With the intention of letting guests get a feel for forest living, the SJCC Glamping Resort uses a double layer of fuchsia, lime-green or pastel-blue fabric which is then stretched across steel frames to create the glamping pods, which makes them sufficiently warm to be used all year round. With wildly changing temperatures in the region which can range from -15C in the winter to over 40C in the summer, it is clear that you need to pick the time of year you go carefully to make sure it matches your glamping expectations. Each one of the pods has a wooden decking area which is raised on piles in order to minimise the impact the structures have on the woodland site.

Spacious Design

Each of the pods at the SJCC Glamping Resort has a 50-square-metre floorplan which delivers enough space for two beds in a mezzanine arrangement, alongside an open-plan lounge, kitchen, and a bathroom. This is quite the departure from the cramped confines of a tent when you normally go camping so if you want to experience the rejuvenating effects of being in the great outdoors without the discomfort, this is a great place to start.

The SJCC Glamping Resort in South Korea has a clubhouse and restaurant which is crafted from the same steel and fabric construction techniques as the camping pods, and has a zig-zagged facade of white steel louvres which open out onto a terrace facing down the mountainside and delivering magnificent views of the valleys below.

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