Skai Air Mobility System

Modes of transportation have remained pretty unchanged for many years now and we’re probably long overdue some new means of getting around nowadays and one of the coolest looking we’ve seen in a while is definitely this Skai Air Mobility System. Radically simple in design, this eye-catching machine is  engineered to go from A to Anywhere. It eliminates complexity for an unparalleled level of reliability and safety. It uses hydrogen fuel cells, to provide an energy solution that’s truly clean from end to end.

Only simplicity can solve today’s most complex challenges, to create practical transportation for all. The Skai Air Mobility System is a powerful solution to these issues that is simple, safe and, crucially, clean. The design of this mesmerising contraption is impressive to say the least and though we can’t see these filling our skies anytime soon, the logic behind the performance and design of the Skai Air Mobility System is solid and has the potential to be an extremely viable option for travel in the future.

Taking To The Skies

Boasting an advanced, simple design, the Skai Air Mobility System can be produced efficiently and in large numbers, making it more affordable for everyone involved – both designers and consumers. Which makes the benefits increase as well, reducing traffic and pollution, and improving our quality of life. All through the power of simplistic design. The team at Skai believe that safety is not a belief system or a feature. It’s the result of purposeful design and their simple approach creates the safest possible outcomes.

The Skai Air Mobility System eliminates potential points of failure, while both optimising and backing up critical components. The result is reliable, fault-tolerant engineering. In other words, a system that is fundamentally safe. The use of hydrogen in the performance of this machine is pivotal to its overall design. Hydrogen is clean from end to end and offers the lowest environmental footprint of any fuel on the planet. Skai’s hydrogen fuel cells can be 95% reused, and the remaining 5% can be 99% recycled. It’s part of an ecologically positive life cycle that gets closer to zero impact with every generation. And its only emission is pure water.

Skai was designed to be produced in large quantities and with higher utilisation, the system’s overall impact increases as well. Skai’s point-to-any-point travel will replace car and short-haul aircraft trips. This is important for the environment because it will reduce harmful emissions, traffic congestion and noise pollution. Lowering our dependence on oil and other ecologically harmful raw materials. And, in the process, unlocking new economic opportunities.

Freedom of Movement 

For individuals, Skai will mean a new level of freedom, and transportation with fewer pain points – no more long commutes on stressful, traffic-filled roads. It means additional quality time and higher productivity, not to mention an easy, delightful travel experience. On a larger scale, Skai will help protect the environment and reduce pollution, decrease traffic congestion, offer additional EMS and disaster relief services, help increase energy independence, and unlock new opportunities in the evolving air mobility economy.

A quick, effortless airport drop-off, instead of the usual headache. Or maybe a last-minute beach trip – Skai can drop passengers off right at the hotel, luggage and all. Or, it might be inter-city business travel from NYC to Washington, DC for example with the on-demand ability to take that important meeting in person. Vehicles can be refueled in less than 10 minutes, using smart pumps. With the nozzle locked in position, the fuel station communicates with the Skai vehicle and ensures a safe, efficient hydrogen transfer. Only when the system checks out will fueling begin.

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