Skarp Laser Razor

Whilst we’re currently sporting a rather fine beard here at Coolector HQ, there are some things that are, quite simply, too good to be ignored and the Skarp Laser Razor is one of them. If, like us, you often grow weary of shaving and the inevitable nips and cuts this entails then you, sir, need to continue reading.

The Skarp Laser Razor is billed as the first ever razor, powered by a laser, for an irritation free, incredibly close shave and on top of this technological feat, it also looks pretty awesome too which is another considerable bonus.

This excellent looking men’s grooming accessory has blown up in popularity with men eager to pew, pew, pew their faces with a laser guided razor and we’re loving the prospects ourselves here at The Coolector it has to be said. Check out a few more shots of the device below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]




Though imagery for the Skarp Laser Razor is pretty thin on the ground at present, there is some palpable excitement about this little laser guided razor and it has already bagged over a million dollars over on Kickstarter. If you like the thought of doing away with conventional shaving tools and want to knock things up a notch then you should definitely be rocking a Skarp in your washbag.

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