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We’ve written above dozens or maybe even hundreds of backpacks here on the pages of The Coolector and some are unquestionably more accomplished, versatile and stylish than the rest and sitting well and truly at the top table are Slicks Backpacks with their striking and exceptional functional collection of carries.

Slicks are a Swiss based purveyor of top notch accessories and their principal offering is their eye-catching modular backpacks that are positively overflowing with clever little design features, boast the sort of stealthy aesthetic that we love here at Coolector HQ. Slicks Backpacks are not just some of the coolest looking carries we’ve seen but we’re also pretty sure you’ll not find any that offer quite as much versatility in terms of performance.

Timeless, Minimalistic Carries

The enduring, timeless visuals of these backpacks from Slicks is one of the core selling points because they really are suitable for any occasion, whether that be heading to the gym or any adventures out into the wild. The quality of the craftsmanship is second to none and the amount of storage on offer will definitely appeal. Boasting a subtle design and clear and elegant lines which make it a sophisticated companion at all times.

Slicks have an enduring commitment to minimalist design as this lets them deliver fantastic looking products without any unnecessary frills that add nothing to the overall performance of the carry. Everything you see on Slicks Backpacks is thoughtfully and precisely designed and leaves nothing to chance so it’s always ready for action when you are. There first rate carries can operate just as easily as a suitcase as a backpack and a lot of thought has been put into the ergonomics and durability of the product to guarantee its performance and longevity.

Robust performance is something that you can expect from these first rate Slick Backpacks and the modular nature of their design which consists of the likes of a washbag, shirt cover, rain cover protection and a laptop sleeve makes sure that you’re covered regardless of the scenario. You really will struggle to find a backpack that manages to pack quite as much in as these ones from Slicks and if unparalleled performance and great aesthetics are your thing, then these are for you.

Material Matters

As with all backpacks, it’s important that the right materials are used in order to maximise the effectiveness of the performance and you’ll have no concerns about the quality materials found in Slicks Backpacks. Boasting an incredibly rough and ready exterior that is going to stand up to whatever adventure you take it on and a 30 litre capacity that will be more than enough for most occasions, it’s easy to see why these modular backpacks from Slicks are proving so popular.

The modular nature of these carries is what really sets them apart in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and you can dictate which parts you need for any given adventure. Superb craftsmanship combines with genuine functionality and versatility to make these backpacks from Slicks some of the very best available on the market right now and they definitely get two thumbs up from us.

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