Sloth Tea Infuser

We’re not going to lie, the sloth is an animal very much after our own heart here at Coolector HQ. We like to sit back and watch the world go by for the most part and inertia is a form which we often take and if anyone does this well, it’s the sloth. Well, we also have a distinct penchant for tea so we were delighted to discover that our twin love of sloths and tea have come together in holy matrimony in the form of this supremely awesome Sloth Tea Infuser from Fred & Friends.

When it comes to making tea, patience is a virtue and there is no better ally in this than the Sloth Tea Infuser which well and truly knows the importance of taking things slowly and making sure it’s done right. Letting your tea brew is a must and you’ll be more inclined to sit and wait when it’s brewing via the medium of sloth we’re sure and if you take your tea drinking as seriously as us here at Coolector HQ, implements like the Sloth Tea Infuser can certainly be considered ‘must-have’. Take a look at a couple more shots below:

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Clinging to the side of your mug and chilling whilst releasing the tea slowly for enhanced flavour is the main objective of this cracking Sloth Tea Infuser and if you want to make yourself smile every time you make a tea (or freak out some unsuspecting sloth phobia sufferer) then you really should be packing one of these in your kitchen drawer.

The Sloth Tea Infuser is made from heat-resistant, BPA and phthalate-free silicone so you needn’t worry about its sturdiness and can rest assured that this little fellow will be making you delicious cups of tea for a long time to come.

Price: $10

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