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With so many great cycling accessories on the market, it’s clear that new brands need to offer something a bit different to stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what we’ve got on our hands with this excellent looking bit of kit funding over on Kickstarter right now called the Ahead Smart Helmet.

The handiwork of Analogue Plus, the Ahead Smart Helmet is described as the means to turn any type of helmet into a smart helmet and the features it boasts in terms of connectivity are mighty impressive to say the least. The Ahead Smart Helmet is a hands free device that will significantly enhance your tech capabilities whilst out and about on your bicycle and it’s already beginning to turn heads aplenty over on Kickstarter.

Head Smart

For anyone with a love of cycling but also a penchant for gadgets and technology, this Ahead Smart Helmet really is the best of both worlds and is overflowing with eye-catching features that are sure to appeal. It essentially allows you to harness the power of your smartphone and channel it into your bicycle helmet for a much more connected ride than you’re used to. This cracking bit of kit snaps instantly onto any helmet and will connect to your smartphone, meaning that you can keep safe whilst staying connected.

A real selling point of the Ahead Smart Helmet is its versatility so whether you’re out enjoying a wilderness bike ride, cruising to work on your vintage Vespa or showing your moves at the skatepark, this clever device keeps your ears open and hands-free so you can keep in touch with jeopardising your safety. The Ahead Smart Helmet lets you make calls, listen to music, interact with Siri, track your activity and delivers turn by turn navigation to name but a few of its features and it will definitely appeal to the tech loving adventure seekers out there.

Endeavouring to use your smartphone whilst engaged in any activity like cycling, skateboarding or various other adrenaline pursuits is a recipe for disaster truth be told but with the Ahead Smart Helmet, you keep your hands free and your wits about you whilst still being able to enjoy the main features of your smartphone such as making calls and listening to your favourite tunes. It achieves this through the use of  Voice Capture technology which means you’ll be heard clearly even on the noisiest of streets and even travelling at speeds up to 60 Km/hr(40 mph).

Safety First

The ability to listen to music and make calls is a mighty welcome one and the Ahead Smart Helmet achieves this in an extremely innovative way. Through the use of an oscillator which will transmit sound directly into your helmet in order that you can clearly hear any music, conversations, and other voice feedback being channeled from your smartphone.

Ahead will work on any type of safety helmet, open or closed, padded or thin so the level of versatility is beyond compare and if you’re wanting to make your world that bit more connected whilst out and about, this Kickstarter campaign is just the thing for you. Innovative, easy to use and helping you to stay connected in a safe way, the Ahead Smart Helmet is set to fly past its funding target and you’ve still got time to pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter now.

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