Fiddle + Hammer Lawton Record Cabinet

Having well made, stylish furniture in the home adds considerably to the aesthetic appeal of any property and, if you’re like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll likely have a growing vinyl collection and on the hunt for the perfect place to store them. Well, you can call of that search as we present to you the amazing looking Lawton Record Cabinet from the talented studio of Fiddle + Hammer.

Fiddle + Hammer are a Milwaukee based design studio and furniture company that dedicate themselves to the crafting of handmade heirloom quality furniture.  All of their wares are made from the finest materials possible, utilising traditional joinery methods alongside a striking contemporary aesthetic. The pieces represent a real love of wood, music, and a rich industrial past in the United States and the stunning Lawton Record Cabinet is a first class expression of their considerable talents.

Master Craftsmen

There is a lot of creative talent bubbling away under the surface at Fiddle + Hammer and the company is owned and led by Jordan Waraksa, who began his journey as a sculptor and violinist. This talented craftsman looks to the furniture he creates to blend mediums which can be both seen and heard to deliver a tangible experience that you can touch. The Lawton Record Cabinet delivers in every element of this and is one of the most functional and stylish looking means of storing your record collection we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ.

The Lawton Record Cabinet from Fiddle + Hammer is crafted from the finest selection of materials which includes the likes of fumed oak, steel and fumed cherry and it’s because of the quality of the materials that such a superb visual impact is achieved with the piece. This amazing piece of designer furniture won’t just serve as the ideal place to store your selection of vinyl, and indeed your record player, it will add a whole new aesthetic superiority to any room in which you deploy it.

For those of you with a love of furniture design and craftsmanship done in the right way, all the impeccable pieces from Fiddle + Hammer are going to resonate with you but for us here at The Coolector, it is the understated and supremely well made Lawton Record Cabinet that really stands out from the crowd. A really breathtaking piece of designer furniture that will fit in seamlessly with any contemporary home.

Devil in the Detail

With the Fiddle + Hammer Lawton Record Cabinet you’ll be bowled over by the great functionality of its design which boasts stackable units that allows you to really configure it how you want and meet all your home media needs above and beyond storing your vinyl collection. It really works for your space and has adjustable shelves for different LP, CD, AMP, & Turntable configurations you might have and we’re loving just how adaptable the design is here at Coolector HQ.

Measuring 25H X 15W X 68L, it is certainly no shrinking violet and will serve as a real focal point in any room whilst providing ample storage space for any collection that you have accumulated. Fiddle + Hammer are a studio that weren’t known to us previously but you can rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye for what else they’ve got up their sleeves in 2017 and beyond.

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