Smartables Multimedia Table

It’s impossible to ignore the rise of smart technology in this day and age. Smart devices are pretty much everywhere you look nowadays so it definitely makes sense for this trend to spread into furniture and, truth be told, you’ll probably not find many better introductions to so-called smart furniture than this awesome looking Smartables Multimedia Table which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The Smartables Multimedia Table is the handiwork of Blue Blood Design Studio and is billed as the future of furniture courtesy of all the technological capabilities which are inherent within its design. The eye-catching piece of furniture looks, at first glance, to be a regular looking side table but it’s not to you get up close and personal that it becomes apparent just what this cracking piece of furniture is truly capable of.

A Smart Approach To Interior Design

We’re big advocates of smart technology here at Coolector HQ and always look out for brands integrated it in intelligent and unusual ways and that’s certainly something that can be applied to the Smartables Multimedia Table. Featuring LED Lights, a Wireless QI Charger, Bluetooth Speakers and much more besides, it soon becomes abundantly clear that this isn’t your average piece of designer furniture.

The Smartables Multimedia Table from Blue Blood Design Studio has two USB charging ports, a detachable coffee tray and a hidden storage compartment and it’s plain to see a lot of thought has gone into its design to make it suitable for today’s tech savvy interior design enthusiast. This superbly crafted piece of technologically superior furniture lets your wirelessly charge up to 3 QI compatible phones, smartwatches or tablets with a high-end, inductive charger simply by putting them on correct part of the table – a mighty cool feature if we do say so ourselves.

Innovation abounds with the design of this exceptional piece of furniture which is already finding many friends over on Kickstarter. The Smartables Multimedia Table doesn’t just serve as a charging station for your smart tech, it also has a built in BlueTooth stereo so you can use it to bust out all your favourite tunes as well. It is equipped with two 10 watt speakers which are connected to the high quality amplifier and integrated with a Bluetooth module to keep the connection cable free.

Versatile Design

Not one for resting on its laurels, the Smartables Multimedia Table doesn’t just rely on its technological edge on the competition, it also offers plenty of versatile design features that will help make its mark. The detachable tray is perfect for using to transport coffees and drinks around and can also be deployed as a laptop stand for working on the sofa or in bed at night so you’ll be left mighty impressed with the functionality of this spiffing piece of design.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate in smart furniture and want something that offers a good deal of versatility to boot, this Smartables Multimedia Table from Blue Blood Design Studio is going to tick plenty of the right boxes. Already proving incredibly popular over on Kickstarter, you’ve still got time to head on over and throw your support behind the campaign if you want one of your own.

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