SMĪLE: The Modular Shelving Unit

We’ve some unusual materials used to make furniture in our time here at Coolector HQ but few are more out of the ordinary than this SMĪLE: Modular Shelving Unit which is made entirely from chopsticks. Crafted from 4276 recycled chopsticks, this great looking piece of designer furniture is for individuals who love high-end sustainable, minimalist and eco-friendly design and it’s currently flying towards its funding target over on Kickstarter as we speak.

The SMĪLE: Modular Shelving Unit on Kickstarter is available for the great price of $169 during the crowdfunding campaign and is pleasingly sustainable and designed to be the proof that eco-friendly minimalism can look beautiful and be robust in the process. Not to mention offering the sort of aesthetic that suits your home or office.

Sustainable Design Principles

By making sure that sustainable design practices were used and relying on a circular economy, each SMĪLE shelf is carbon negative – gathering the raw materials and building your shelf stores more CO2 from the environment than it takes to make and deliver it – which is a pretty achievement for the team behind it. By recycling 4,276 chopsticks into your new SMĪLE shelf, you’re storing around 6.5 kg of CO2 that otherwise would’ve been released into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of charging your phone every day for nearly 3 years.

The SMĪLE: Modular Shelving Unit on Kickstarter (from $169) reutilises chopstick waste, so that you increase the sustainable management of forests and the environment, as you prove that we do not need to cut down trees or use plastics for the creation of striking, functional and affordable designer furniture.

SMĪLE does a great job of saving space through the clean minimalist lines of its modular design. No matter the interior, it is the ideal frame to highlight the things you love. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to craft your own unique SMĪLE shelving system. You can add to the lightness and the fine blend of its history-infused but iconic contemporary design to your home or office.

Take Your Pick

The SMĪLE Modular Shelving Unit comes in three different colour palettes that highlight their striking surface properties. After processing, your shelves are coated in a vegetable-based and environmentally-friendly oil to enhance  these unique wooden patterns. You can also mix and match them to create a unique look for your home or office.

With prices starting at just $169, the SMĪLE Modular Shelving Unit represents excellent value for money and will add a real touch of class to any interior design aesthetic. Each base SMĪLE is made up of two components: the recycled steel frames, and the recycled chopstick boards which go expertly together. It also comes in three sizes to suit any interior. Simply select from the S, M or L sizes and combine them to build the shelf your space deserves.

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