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We like to think we’re pretty laid back here at Coolector HQ and this is reflected in the sorts of accessories that we gravitate towards. It’s not surprising then that we’ve fallen pretty hard for these awesome looking Seaval Watches which are positively overflowing with an effortless cool. Heralding from Curacao in Caribbean, the beach loving style of the watches from Seaval are right up our street and if you’re after an affordable, well made and stylish watch for your wrist this fall, look no further.

Team Seaval came to fruition with a unified objective of promoting young Caribbean talent and help them compete professionally in international competitions worldwide and this shines through in their great looking timepieces. Seaval promotes an adventurous, active and expressive lifestyle for athletes of all ages and their timepieces are built for adventure. Their design perspective is merging nature’s most organic natural aesthetics with today’s robust, contemporary finishes for timeless products that will last a lifetime.

Island Vibes

Laid back, adventure ready and top quality visuals make these Seaval Watches a real triple threat and a great addition to any watch lover’s line up. Great for every day wear, prices start at a mighty wallet friendly $199 which is a small price to pay for a timepiece of this calibre. Available in a few different colourways and materials, you’re sure to find one that tallies with your own style sensibilities.

Designed for the modern nomad, the fantastic looking timepieces from Seaval ($199) are going to be your ideal ally for any adventures into the wild, trips to the beach or hiking adventures. They’ve got a striking visual impact that will turn heads aplenty and for those with a thrill-seeking attitude they are the perfect foil for your lifestyle.

There are loads of impressive features to be appreciated with these Seaval Watches which includes a Swiss quartz movement, leather straps, 10ATM water resistance and genuine wood dials with are impactful and great looking. Finding watches that are made for an active lifestyle but don’t break the bank is a rewarding experience and you’ll not find many better than the Island living inspired ones from Seaval.

Wooden Wonders

We’re big fans of wooden watches here at The Coolector and there aren’t many brands that are doing it better than the guys at Seaval. They’re a new brand on our radar but they’ve wasted no time in coming up with an impressive array of watches and accessories – which includes some uber-cool sunglasses that we’re loving.

Priced at $199, these watches don’t break the bank but will add a laid back aesthetic to your wrist. If you’re more of a shepherd than a sheep and need a watch that reflects this mindset, you’ll get exactly what you’re after and we can’t wait to see what new watches they come up with in the next 12 months and beyond.

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