SML Washington Volcanoes Topographic Coasters

Given the amount of craft beers we quaff here at Coolector, there are invariably a lot of glasses lying around at any given time and, for that reason, we’re always on the lookout for great looking coasters to avoid water marks around the HQ. With that in mind, we’ve had our heads turned by these ace looking SML Washington Volcanoes Topographic Coasters which lovers of topography and design are going to appreciate.

The SML Washington Volcanoes Topographic Coasters are, as the name suggests, a series of coasters that take their design inspiration from the state of Washington’s most eye-catching and well-known volcanic mountains. This delivers a striking and unusual aesthetic that sets them apart from other coasters on the market and for those who are serious about their interior design and want the best pieces – both big and small – these will definitely fit the bill.

Top Notch Topography

For those with an interest in the design, topographic maps make use of contour lines to detail the shape of Earth’s surface but the guys at SML like to think these maps are more like natural works of art – and we’re inclined to agree here at Coolector HQ. Brilliantly crafted and incredibly attractive, it almost seems a shame to cover them with your drink but that’s what they’re there for so needs must.

The SML Washington Volcanoes Topographic Coasters uses topographic maps of Washington’s most eminent volcanic ranges and they have created a Pacific North West inspired set of coasters which really are ideal for any lover of the great outdoors. You’ll find these coasters tough to forget with four eye-catching and unique designs of Mount Rainier, Saint Helens, Baker, and Adams – some of the best known mountain ranges in the region.

With the Pacific North West being home to some great craft beer breweries as well, it would be only fitting to drink some of your favourite beers from the region on these superbly designed and executed coasters. Each one of these fantastic looking coasters is made from a unique piece of wood so no two will ever be completely the same and this level of uniqueness merely serves to add to their appeal still further.

Great Value For Money

Coming in a set of four coasters, this great little package from SML has been laser cut and boasts a pleasing wood smell that is sure to appeal and the wood used has been sustainably sourced as well. They have a clear matte finish to the top and a felt finish underneath which will help ensure that they are stable and don’t move around too much on the table – something which is important because you don’t want to spill a drop of that craft beer.

If you’re looking for well designed, expertly crafted little bits and pieces to add a real design flair to your home, it is things like these SML Washington Volcanoes Topographic Coasters which are going to help you to achieve it. Affordable and a great nod to the natural grandeur of the mountain regions in the Pacific North West, these eye-catching coasters are definitely right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

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