Spoke Art Wes Anderson Limited Edition Prints

Having recently watched Isle of Dogs here at Coolector HQ, our love of Wes Anderson was reignited once again so we set about finding more awesome artwork pertaining to his body of work. This led us back to a familiar source in the shape of Spoke Art who have a whole new selection of fantastic looking and artistically excellent Limited Edition Wes Anderson Prints and, if you love his films as much as us, you’ll be in your element here too.

The Spoke Art Wes Anderson Limited Edition Prints sees works from a number of different artists and a whole host of different styles so regardless of the sort of piece you’re seeking for your home, workspace or office, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill here. If you want a genuinely unique piece of Wes Anderson artwork, Spoke Art is invariably the place to get it and there really is an abundance from which to choose in this Limited Edition collection of works.

Unconventional Style

As a director, Wes Anderson has his truly unique sense of style and artistic creativity and that’s something which is reflected in this cracking collection of artwork from Spoke Art. It is part of an annual collection of Wes Anderson inspired artwork called “Bad Dads” which is now in its 8th year and has produced some amazing pieces from the likes of Matt Zoller Seitz, Matt Chase, Ryan Berkley, Andrew Kolb and Alison Reimold.

Each year dozens of artists are invited to contribute works to the Spoke Art Wes Anderson Collection of artwork under the Bad Dads umbrella and it spans the gamut from paintings to sculptures to limited edition screen prints and everything in-between – and it’s all in tribute to one the world’s most celebrated and successful filmmakers. We love the diverse range of artwork that is to be had here and with prices starting from around $25, you don’t need to break the bank in order to get your hands on some of this fantastic artwork.

With such a diverse selection of pieces from which to choose, chances are you’ll be taking home more than one piece of Wes Anderson artwork from Spoke Art and we wouldn’t blame you here at Coolector HQ as we’ve already seen about a dozen that we’d like to see hanging on our walls. Whether you’re looking for something playful and cartoony or something with a more lifelike vibe, you’ll find something that fits the bill within this latest collection of Bad Dads artwork from Spoke Art.

Wacky Style

Aesthetically speaking, Wes Anderson is in a league of his own with his films and these movies give so much inspiration for artwork because they are so beautifully shot and have such memorable characters. Spoke Art are only too aware of the immense popularity of Anderson within artistic circles and this annual Bad Dads collection of pieces is always eagerly anticipated because it produces some amazing offerings from a diverse range of artists.

Wes Anderson has long been one of our favourite directors here at Coolector HQ and we love how his movies inspire such excellent artwork but few are more extensive and diverse than those submitted to Spoke Art’s Bad Dads series of artwork and if you’re wanting some new, eye-catching pieces for your wall, look no further.

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