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Now, we’re not going to lie, our capacity for handling spirits here at Coolector HQ is probably best described as negligible so we seldom have the requirement for a hip flask truth be told but we’re willing to try and train our palates to appreciate whisky et al just so we’ve got an excuse to get our hands on one of these awesome looking The Sneerwell Flasks.

The Sneerwell is a Denver, Colorado, based purveyor of flasks and a selection of apparel and accessories and they are exactly the sort of wares that any man with a love of spirits and vintage looking goods are going to appreciate. If you’re in the market for a hip flask and want one that is going to turn heads and last the distance, then it’s safe to say the ones from The Sneerwell would get our vote here at Coolector HQ.

Vintage Style

Available in two different styles, the flasks from The Sneerwell are aesthetically superior to your average fare and if you’re looking to push the boat out a little with your choice of drinkware, this will fit the bill rather nicely. Whether you prefer the retro looking offerings with rusting patina or the sleeker looking ones sans rusting, you’ll be impressed with the quality of these goods and each The Sneerwell Flask is made to order to ensure the quality of the finish.

Each one of the visually impactful flasks from The Sneerwell are dark etched by hand and delivered in a gold foil stamped drawer pull box for that extra touch of class. A hip flask is a great accessory for a camping trip when a hit of whisky can be added to a coffee for the warming effects or as a gift to groomsmen at a wedding but regardless of the reason you end up getting your hands on one of these The Sneerwell Flasks, the tangible quality is plain to see right from the outset.

Impeccably well crafted and aesthetically superior, these excellent looking The Sneerwell Flasks are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and the bold, retro visuals are something which are sure to appeal to plenty of men out there. If you’re after an awesome new receptacle for your snifters of whisky, then these magnificently crafted accessories are sure to fit the bill.

Devilish Designs

There are an abundance of designs to choose from with these The Sneerwell Flasks and whether it’s wolves, skulls or kraken that are your thing, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your own personal tastes.

Expertly crafted and with no shortage of design flair, we’ve been left mighty impressed with the quality and functionality of these cracking flasks from Colorado based The Sneerwell and if you’re in the market for a new means of porting about your spirits, look no further.

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