SnowPeak Camp Couch

When out in the wild, enjoying all the sights and sounds of Mother Nature in a camping excursion, one of the biggest problems is finding comfortable seating because, let’s face it, you’re not going to drag your favourite armchair or couch with you when you head out in the great outdoors. But now you don’t need to courtesy of this rather excellent looking Camp Couch from perennial purveyors of excellence, SnowPeak, which will deliver unparalleled comfort for enjoying those craft beers around the campfire.

The SnowPeak Camp Couch is more than a communal seating area, however, and boasts an adjustable element that quickly and effectively turns it into a sleeping piece of furniture as well which adds to its functionality considerably and makes it a perfect addition to any camping trip where you’ll be spending more than a few days out in the wild. This clever and versatile piece of furniture will be a real must for any campers who want a touch of the creature comforts they’re used to at home.

Comfort First

If you’ve been camping on a regular basis, you’ll be only too aware of the lack of comfort of most camping chairs but this SnowPeak Camp Couch knocks things up a notch and provides a durable, versatile and, above all, comfortable solution to all your seating requirements whilst out on a camping trip. Capable of doing multiple jobs, the Snow Peak Camp Couch is a real stand out performer in the world of camping apparatus – it’s a plush couch, a futon, 2 chairs and a table or a set of stacked shelves all rolled into one and it’s left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

The SnowPeak Camp Couch is just about as functional as it gets and not content with offering what will likely be the most comfortable piece of seating you’ve encountered whilst camping, it also has Transformers-esque characteristics that mean it can fulfil plenty of other requirements that you’re likely to want whilst out enjoying woodland retreats or mountain terrains. It is extremely simple to set up and doesn’t require any tools to do so – something which is important if you’ve been trekking for a long time looking for your perfect camping spot and what somewhere comfortable to sit and take a load off.

Though part of the enjoyment of spending time in the great outdoors is being at one with nature, that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t have somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy a craft beer or two after a hard day out on the water or trekking through woodland and this SnowPeak Camp Couch would be our pick here at The Coolector. Durable, well crafted and ridiculously versatile, capable of filling the roles of multiple pieces of furniture, it is a essential piece to take on your next trip out into the wild.

Versatile Camping This Summer

Camping is always much more enjoyable if you have equipment and gear that makes your life easier whilst out in the wild and this SnowPeak Camp Couch unquestionably falls into that bracket. Crafted from an aluminium frame and robust, removable cushions  which allow for a variety of configurations, you’ll be able to tailor this cracking piece of design to your requirements on any camping trips you’ve got planned this summer.

SnowPeak know what they’re doing when it comes to camping apparatus and accessories and this is abundantly clear with this fantastically well made and versatile Camp Couch and if you value comfort when exploring and sleeping under the stars, that’s exactly what you’ll get here (not to mention a whole heap more).

Price: $750

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