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Interior design is something that will always be divisive but, truth be told, most people know what they like and when it comes to the entertainment and music devices for the home, we here at Coolector HQ can think of few better choices than these fantastically retro looking Søbel HiFi Systems which, quite frankly, will ramp up the style of any property in which they are found.

Søbel develops innovative, painfully stylish and authentic furniture that provides superb connectivity and sound quality and offers to upcycle existing vintage radios to make them striking HiFi systems that are simply too good to be ignored.

The devices that they create have top class connectivity through things like Spotify, Bluetooth, Airplay and various other means of connection but it is the visual appeal of the HiFi Systems from Søbel that truly sets them apart. Check out a few more shots below:








Søbel provides two forms of services: namely, they can assist you in finding the perfect piece of furniture you want and update it for you, or, alternatively, they can up-cycle furniture you already possess to create the connect piece of furniture you crave.

We’re huge fans of the retro, vintage aesthetic and modern twist to the furniture pieces from Søbel and for anyone after a bespoke, top performing audio system for their home then you really need look no further than the talented bunch of designers over at Søbel.

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