Solé Bicycles

We’re always on the lookout for new bicycles here at Coolector HQ not because we need one but because there are some decidedly awesome designs out there but few are better than one we’ve just stumbled across by the name of Solé Bicycles. If you’re after a bike a bit out of the ordinary and with a touch of design vibrancy, you’ll find much to enjoy with the bikes from Solé which are visually spiffing to say the least.

Founded by Jonathan Shriftman and Jacob Medwell, Solé Bicycles are undoubtedly one of the coolest bike brands that we’ve encountered here at The Coolector and we’re loving the visual appeal of their magnificent steeds. Founded in 2009, Solé have been making top notch bikes for 5 years now and their objective is to produce high performance, stylish and affordable fixed gear bicycles and, by jove, they’ve only gone and done it. Check out some of the fantastic bicycles below:





We’re definitely loving the eye-catching style of Solé Bicycles and will definitely keep our eyes out for the other vibrant bikes from this awesome brand.

Available: Solé Bicycles

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