As firm fans of photography here at The Coolector, we invariably make it our business to be aware of any awesome pieces of kit that are likely to hit the market in the coming months and we’ve just encountered a highly unusual piece of apparatus that looks all sorts of awesome and goes by the name of Sparrowscope – you can check out the video above to see why you’ll most likely be interested in it too.

The Sparrowscope looks set to take photography to whole new levels – quite literally. Permit us to explain. It is a bit of kit that will allow you to take aerial photos in a quite unprecedented way that you’ll be wary of at first but once you’ve seen it in action, your fears will likely be allayed.

The chap behind the Sparrowscope, a certain Ori Barbut, has concocted a piece of apparatus that lets you safely and securely strap your iPhone or iPod Touch into a kite and take some truly extraordinary photos of vistas (and your friends and what have you, if you prefer) by remotely controlling a kite and an on-board camera shutter from the ground. As with most things, a picture paints a thousand words, so take a look at some of the images that have been captured with the Sparrowscope below:




This impressive looking project is currently in the process of drumming up support over on Kickstarter and it’s definitely got our seal of approval. We’re on board for taking some eye-catching photos of London when this spiffing device inevitably comes to market – until we crash our kite into the Gherkin, of course.

Show your Support: Kickstarter.

See More: Sparrowscope.

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