Wax Nostalgic

We’re big fans of creativity here at The Coolector and we’ve certainly stumbled across a creative chap indeed in the form of Hoang Tran, a Californian artist, and his superb series called Wax Nostalgic.

In the wonderfully entitled Wax Nostalgic, Tran painstakingly crafts some of the most recognisable characters from the Silver Screen and television on the end of your standard Crayola crayon.

Needless to say, we here at The Coolector are completely lacking in the dexterity to accomplish such an impressive feat, so our hats are definitely off to Huang Tran for his supremely inventive body of work. The fact that he’s also seen fit to carve some of our favourite characters is just icing on the cake to be honest. You can take a look at a few more of Tran’s exceptionally crafted offerings below:







Tran is a talented chap indeed and is well-deserving of the tip of The Coolector’s cap. A great nod to some of the most popular characters of the screen, this Californian artist is definitely going to remain firmly on The Coolector’s one’s to watch list.

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