Spiegelau Stout Glass

Truth be told, Guinness is invariably our tipple of choice here at Coolector HQ and, such is our love of a pint of the black stuff, we are astounded to hear that the taste of this delicious nectar can be improved still further but if the claims of this Spiegelau Stout Glass are to be believed, a pint of Dublin’s finest will taste all the better from one of these oddly shaped chalices.

It is the subtle nuances in flavours and aromas that the impressive looking Spiegelau Stout Glass will be helping you to experience when you pour a pint of your favourite stout in there because the shape and dimensions of the vessel are shaped in such a way to force the foam of the beer where it needs to be and it is also constructed from ultra pure quartz mineral which reveals the true colour of your stout.


Needless to say, we here at Coolector HQ can enjoy our Guinness without one of these fantastic Spiegelau Stout Glasses but if there’s even a slight possibility that we might enjoy it more with one then we’re completely sold.

Price: $25 (for 2)

Available: Riedel USA

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