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We take our coffee pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ and we’re also inherently lazy so we ordinarily will rely on some form of technology to deliver the perfect brew into our welcoming hands. It’s plain to see that the technology around coffee makers is improving all the time and the pinnacle of this might just be the superb looking Spinn Coffee Maker.

The Spinn Coffee Maker is available for pre-orders now and is billed as the world’s first bean-to-cup coffee maker that is capable of making everything from a single serve Espresso, Lungo or Americano right through to a whole carafe of coffee and it is the clever technology that it boasts inside that facilitates this impressive feat.

Coffee Kicks

Functioning isn’t really an option without coffee for us at Coolector HQ so we always sit up and take notice of impressive new coffee machines and, it’s fair to say, the Spinn Coffee Maker has wowed us considerably more than most. The real stand out feature is the sheer wealth of different coffee styles that it is capable of making and regardless of your preferences, chances are the Spinn Coffee Maker will be able to craft the perfect cup – from Americano through to cafe zorro.




The technology within the Spinn Coffee Maker really unleashes the potential and flavour inside each coffee bean and it does this through the use of a patented centrifugal brewing functionality and an integrated grinder to deliver the perfect cup of coffee on every occasion.


For those of you that really do love your coffee, the Spin Coffee Maker will be somewhat of a godsend as it isn’t just a fantastic means of crafting the perfect cup every time, it is also extremely internet savvy and delivers a whole new level of interaction and versatility which isn’t typically seen in devices like this. It capable of autonomously ordering new coffee beans when you’re running low and boasts Alexa integration so you can speak to your coffee maker and tell it what you want.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Coffee is a catalyst for a lot of individuals (us included) and to make it well can take time but with the Spinn Coffee Maker, you are able to craft any coffee under the sun simply and effectively and the clever technology it boasts takes care of everything for you – meaning all you really have to do is clean up the spent coffee beans afterwards. A small price to pay for a delicious cup of coffee.


If you know a coffee lover or you yourself are one then chances are you’ll want to get your hands on one of these magnificent looking coffee machines from Spinn and you won’t be alone. Already flying off the shelves in pre-orders, the Spinn Coffee Maker looks to be a real winner and a revolutionary new way to make your coffee in the morning.

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