Yeaaah Studio Fall 2016 Collection

We step a little out of our clothing comfort zone yesterday with Formal Friday and they’re much more stylish and streetwear orientated apparel but we’re back where we’re comfortable today with Yeaaah Studio and their first class Fall 2016 Collection of tees and apparel which, you guessed it, have a distinctive illustrative and typography inspired aesthetic.


Yeaaah Studio are a Paris based workshop and the brainchild of Stephane Casier who has crafted a cracking brand with an emphasis on design and striking visuals that we love here at The Coolector and the Fall 2016 Collection of wares which they’ve recently showcased is one of their best, and most quirky, to date.

Individual Style

The apparel from French design label, Yeaaah Studio, is certainly a little off the wall but that’s what makes it stand out and appeal to our sensibilities here at The Coolector. The latest selection of clothing from the brand for Fall 2016 is suitably stylish and has illustration and typography at its core when it comes to the visuals – something that we’re definitely on board with and we’re sure that there will be plenty of other men out there looking to add a few pieces from this new collection to their wardrobes.



A dedication to quality craftsmanship and using he best materials is certainly evident with all the apparel from Yeaaah Studio and if you like your tees to fit like a glove and provide an unparalleled level of comfort, you’re in luck here. Their small but perfectly formed selection of T-shirts within this Fall Collection is both striking and wonderfully well designed and each one stands on its own two legs as a great piece of apparel.


With such an emphasis on quality, you’ll find it hard not to be won over by all the clothing from Yeaaah Studio but it is their Fall 2016 that has really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. For those looking for a few more T-shirt staples for their autumn and winter wardrobe, there’s plenty here that will fit the bill.

Oriental Inspired

There is a distinct Far East vibe with this latest collection of apparel from Yeaaah Studio and if manga style illustration is your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy a large number of the tees that make up this new series from the Parisian design studio. We’re loving all the pieces within this collection at The Coolector and we always wait with baited breath when they’ve got new releases but this is amongst the best we’ve seen from them to date.



This is exactly the sort of clothing that we typically gravitate towards at Coolector HQ so they’re preaching to the converted with us but we’re there really is some great pieces in the Yeaaah Studio Fall 2016 Collection and we’re sure they will be flying off the shelves and into the wardrobes of typography and illustration enthusiasts.

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