Tasc MicroAir Polos

Have you noticed how golf apparel has been stagnant for the last few decades? Long overdue for a revamp, tasc Performance took on the challenge to innovate a unique fabric technology that performs naturally with with their awesome looking products like these MicroAir Polos, which are responsible for lessening the divide between the greens and day to day wear. Tasc was founded back in 2009 and are famed for being a leader in the innovation and reinvention of performance apparel – something which is typified by these MicroAir Polos.

Tasc is not your average apparel brand and use a material seldom seen in clothing – namely, bamboo – and it is this factor that truly sets them apart from the competition. Their bamboo is sourced from the Sichuan Province in China and the forest is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and certified organic by OCIA so you can feel confident wearing their apparel. If golf is your game, you need some of the awesome looking tasc MicroAir Polos in your wardrobe this summer.

Long Time in the Making

Billed as golf’s long overdue polo shirt, these MicroAir offerings from tasc has prices which start at $79 and considering the performance potential of these polos, that certainly represents money well spent in our opinion here at The Coolector. The tasc MicroAir Polos offers comfort without the chemicals and mean that golfers no longer have to settle for cheap materials for their polos that don’t breathe and perform only with the aid of chemical finishes. The MicroAir Polos are a cut above and as light as a feather – perfect for the fairways and greens out there.

Offering unrivalled comfort and performance, the tasc MicroAir Polos ($79+) are guaranteed to be softer than any polo you’ve ever worn courtesy of the innovative materials used in its creation. Truth be told, it’s so light, you barely know that it’s there. Tasc has followed no industry trends in creating their MicroAir Technology. Making use of ultra-fine fibres in an innovative 2-yarn construction, which creates a smooth, soft, lightweight and luxurious fabric that drapes comfortably and performs without chemical finishes.

Inspired by the needs of golf professionals, tasc went to Scott Stallings and Chris Kirk to test the finished product and, safe to say, they were left thoroughly impressed with the quality look and feel of these MicroAir Polos. They have a pleasing, relaxed style that looks just as good on and off the fairway and these cracking polos have plenty of striking design features which includes a French front placket, Trocus shell buttons and a four-way stretch that is a must for delivering the manoeuvrability required for any golf swing.

Cutting No Corners

Tasc has left no stone unturned in their endeavours to produce the finest golf polos on the market and with the MicroAir, they may just have achieved it. These striking polos allow you to experience unrivalled comfort and performance like no other without the chemical additives which are having a devastating impact on our environment. These polos use MicroModal from beechwood trees, and this unique process yields a lightweight performance fabric with an outstanding look and feel.

With prices starting at just $79, you’ll likely want to add a few of these MicroAir Polos from tasc to your golfing apparel line up. Golf has become a more and more popular sport among young people in the last few years alone and this gives the opportunity to brands like tasc to produce awesome apparel like these MicroAir Polos to make the most of your performance potential out on the greens and fairways.

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