Spire Health Tag

We’ve got smart technology all around us in today’s day and age and one of the logical steps it seems is to introduce smart clothing as it were and this is something that the talented team of designers at Spire are endeavouring to do with their innovative and useful Health Tag, which anyone with an active lifestyle is sure to appreciate.

The Spire Health Tag is billed as being the most straightforward way of monitoring your sleep, activity and stress levels and the unassuming, small piece of equipment fits right on your clothes in an understated way and doesn’t get in the way of any day to day activity which you’re looking to carry out – it’s so discreet, you’ll likely forget you’re even wearing it until the time comes to check the data it has compiled during the day or night.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping fit and healthy can be quite difficult in the hectic world we live in today so smart technology like the Spire Health Tag will be a godsend for many because you really don’t have to change the way you live in order for it to start tracking various health related statistics on your behalf. Sleeping properly and reducing stress at home and work are some of the main objectives of these Spire Health Tags and once you’ve attached them discreetly to a piece of your clothing, you can forget all about them and let them go about their data tracking activities.

The Spire Health Tag delivers a series of personalised health insights which will help ensure that you sleep better, cut down your stress levels and, ultimately, be more active on a day to day basis thereby improving your overall health and well-being. These clever little devices from Spire work alongside an app on your smartphone and will deliver updates and alerts throughout the day to keep you abreast of your stress levels and sleeping patterns.

Using proprietary technology, the Spire Health Tag not only monitors activity, sleep quality and heart rate, but also keeps track of your breathing patterns and stress levels to give you a comprehensive overview of your health. By measuring and analysing your breathing patterns, this clever bit of kit can help you to reduce the factors causing stress and improve your sleep in the process.

Hassle-Free Technology

With a lot of the health tracking technology on the market, it can be quite a hassle to set up and use each day but with the Spire Health Tag, you simply attach it to an item of your clothing, such as your boxers or briefs or the inside of a T-shirt, and then you can forget all about it and let it do its thing. With a 1.5 year battery life with no need to charge and the fact is is washing machine and tumble drier friendly, you really can just let it get on and track your sleep and stress levels without having to lift a finger.

We’re not exactly the fittest and healthiest here at Coolector HQ (given our love of craft beer and sunday roasts) so anything that can help us in this regard is definitely welcomed. The Spire Health Tag looks very much like being one of the most simple and effective means of keeping abreast of your sleep and stress levels on a daily basis and if this is something you’re looking to keep track of, this is the device for you.

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