Minfort TT8 Multi-Functional Turntable

With the burgeoning popularity of vinyl records once again, more and more design conscious homeowners are seeking out the perfect turntable for their interior design endeavours and, quite frankly, you’re deeply unlikely to find any that look better or boast a performance as good as the Minfort TT8 Multi-Functional Turntable which is funding on Kickstarter now. Stylish and impeccably well crafted, it really is the best of both worlds.

The Minfort TT8 Multi-Functional Turntable is billed as the best wooden variety available on the market right now and, having laid eyes on its magnificent design, it’s difficult to argue with this assessment. This fantastic piece of design lets you enjoy your entire vinyl collection and, perhaps just as importantly in this modern day and age, all your online playlists as well. The TT8 is the perfect mix of vintage design and modern performance.

Eye Catching Design

Chances are you won’t have come across a turntable set up quite as eye-catching and immeasurably dapper as the TT8 from Minfort. This superbly realised piece of kit is right up our street from an aesthetic point of view here at The Coolector and we’re pleased to report it’s no slouch in the performance department either. It integrates vintage style visuals and a multi-functional amplifier together in one striking, stylish turntable and delivers the sophistication of wood design alongside an unparalleled sound quality that vinyl lovers will appreciate.

Technologically superior, the Minfort TT8 Multi-Functional Turntable has wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so that on top of being the perfect choice for all your vinyl listening requirements, you can also enjoy your favourite online playlists from the likes of Spotify et al. It’s important to have this contemporary option because, even though listening to vinyl is great, most homeowners today will demand the functionality and versatility of online listening too and the Minfort TT8 definitely delivers.

Available in a choice of woods – namely, teak, walnut and oak – you can pick a turntable that best fits in with your own interior design aesthetics. It’s fair to say that we’ve not seen many designs that can hold a candle to the attractiveness of this spectacular offering from Minfort and if visuals are as important to you as performance then this Kickstarter campaign surely must be the one for you.

Exceptional Audio

It’s all well and good looking the part but it’s imperative to deliver in terms of the audio as well and the Minfort TT8 excels in this arena. It boasts a built-in amplifier and a Digital audio receiver CS8416- Digital/analog converter (DAC) system CS4398 which combine to deliver such a first rate audio performance. The cones on the woofers are crafted from paper and wool fibres and this helps to achieve a superior sound quality.

If you’ve got an extensive vinyl collection and you’re on the hunt for the perfect setup in both looks and performance, the Minfort TT8 is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes. Exceptionally well designed and crafted and boasting a visual impact like no other, you’ve still got plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter and get your hands on this exemplary offering for a bargain price.

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