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The world of wine can be quite a stuffy one that is daunting for those unaccustomed to the complexities and terminology involved and that’s why we here at Coolector HQ were delighted to stumble across a brand that goes by the name of Spodee who do away with the air of superiority and deliver a wine that boasts fantastic branding and which doesn’t take itself too seriously – put simply, it is right up our street and if there were ever a wine to tempt us away from the craft ales, it would likely be this one.

Spodee bills itself as “Wine with a kick” which isn’t a tagline you’d typically associate with a wine and this is something that immediately sets it apart from the crowd and after spending a mere minute on their excellent website, we were sold by their ethos and cracking looking product. Spodee Wine is named after a Depression era hooch that consisted of a mixture of homemade country wines and this Prohibition-esque tipple has definitely captured our imagination.

There is no messing about with Spodee – they launched with a white and now they’ve followed it up with a red – no fancy names, no wordy, non-sensical descriptions of why it tastes so great. Just simple wine, brilliantly packaged. Check out a few more shots of Spodee Wines below:




As mentioned, wine is rarely our tipple of choice at Coolector HQ but when we come across brands like Spodee, it does compel us to change our grog from time to time and the fact it has links to Prohibition era drinks makes it all the more appealing. A great looking wine that boasts an excellent website and which doesn’t take itself too seriously – definitely a winner in our book.

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