Look Mum No Hands Mug

Whilst a mug wouldn’t be the standard fare for the pages of The Coolector, there are extenuating circumstances so far as this awesome looking tea receptacle form Look Mum No Hands is concerned. Namely, the fact that this brilliant, bicycle themed coffee shop is a stone’s throw from Coolector HQ and we love the eclectic way they’ve put their cafe together and now they’ve begun peddling (excellent pun) their wares, we had to give a nod to it and this spiffing Tour de France inspired mug is amongst our favourite of their online items.

Look Mum No Hands are based just off Old Street roundabout in London which puts them in good company i.e. us and the reason they set up their online store was to stop their customers becoming discontent at not being able to find their superb array of goods that are found in their coffee shops anywhere else so they started to sell them and, though this mug isn’t going to cause waves, it is certainly a stylish little number and one that is joined by a whole host of additional bicycle based excellence in the form of a great collection of homeware goods. Check out some of the cracking wares from Look Mum No Hands below:





If you’re ever after some coffee based awesomeness and you’re a fan of cycling, you’ll find plenty of goods on the digital shelves of Look Mum No Hands that meet your approval and if you ever happen to be around Old Street in London, a visit to their top class coffee shop will let you see how great the goods are before you buy.

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