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When you spend many hours a day hunched over a desk working away on a computer, this inevitably has the capacity to wreak havoc on your posture and research suggests that standing whilst you work is much more beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. It isn’t easy to find a standing desk that both looks the part and delivers the sort of functionality that you’ll require but you’ll definitely be getting the best of both worlds with the StandCrafted DaVinci Desk.

StandCrafted are a Washington based purveyor of excellently crafted standing desks and they’ve managed to deliver a number of different designs in a short period of time but it is the DaVinci Desk from StandCrafted that has left us really impressed here at Coolector HQ. This expertly conceived design is an eco-friendly, modular, wall-mounted standing desk which is made for the power user at heart and if you’re in the market for a more ergonomically viable solution to your working environment, this would get our vote.

Stand to Deliver

Whilst we’ve yet to commit to a standing desk here at Coolector HQ, it is very much in our thinking and, it’s safe to say, this fantastic looking StandCraft DaVinci Desk has propelled itself to the top table of candidates with the superb visuals it offers and a highly versatile design that you can tailor to your requirements. The main benefit of this standing desk in relation to the others from StandCrafted is the fact it is set up for multi-monitor usage and for those of us operating in the creative industries, this is an essential feature to have.

The StandCrafted DaVinci Desk comes replete with 3 individual spines – one 30″ medium spine and two 14″ small spines – with the 30″ spine capable of supporting a small table, keyboard mount and the laptop holder. The two 14″ spines both come with a monitor mount which delivers the flexibility to customise the monitors as required. For fans of understated design, you’ll be pleased to hear that the smaller spines are purpose built to be entirely hidden by a 27″ monitor – which gives the illusion of a floating monitor.

Standing whilst you work might not be to everyone’s tastes but it is certainly becoming the norm for many offices and having a design like this DaVinci Desk from StandCrafted would definitely compel more people to work this way, we’re sure. This cracking piece of furniture design is capable of reducing the square footage of the conventional workspace down to  around 10 square feet and will do an excellent job enriching the vertical space on offer.

Fitness First

Staying fit and healthy when you work in an office environment all day is easier said than done but with the StandCrafted DaVinci Desk you’re at least tackling the problem of poor posture. It offers a fully flexible workspace that you can tailor to your height requirements and make sure that you find a working set-up that is comfortable for you.

The DaVinci Desk from StandCrafted is likely to convert a lot of sitters into standers courtesy of the clever design and pleasing aesthetics that it has to offer. You can achieve a much more clutter free workspace with this fantastic piece of furniture and this is imperative to help keep you concentrated on the task at hand. We’re big fans of what the guys at StandCrafted are aiming to achieve and the DaVinci Desk has got us standing up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ.

Price: $899

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