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Though, truth be told, we’re seldom invited anywhere fancy enough to warrant a dress shirt here at Coolector HQ, we know that not all are created equal and when the time comes that we do need to don a classy shirt, it is fair to say that we’re quite particular and that’s why we’re loving the awesome selection of dress shirts from the guys at Lawrence Hunt, a professional performance clothing brand operating out of Detroit.

The selection of Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirts is mighty impressive to say the least and with an unparalleled level of dapperness in the designs, you’ll be able to find a shirt for any occasion and personal style taste within their ever-growing series of apparel. Lawrence Hunt are a new name to the fine shirts market having only been formed back in 2016 but, as you can see, they’re already hard at work delivering some of the coolest looking and well made dress shirts on the market.

Find Your Style

Lawrence Hunt created the first shirt back in 2014 and saw it take Kickstarter by storm courtesy of the innovative materials and design processes that they put into their creations. The aim of the Detroit clothing brand was to create a series of dress shirts that have the classy aesthetics to be perfectly suited to the boardroom, business meetings and formal occasions like weddings but didn’t do so at the expense of comfort and breathability – something that other shirt makers are often culpable of. And, as you can see, it’s mission well and truly accomplished.

The eye-catching array of Lawrence Hunt Dress will make the ideal wardrobe additions this summer for any man that regular finds themselves wearing shirts on a day to day basis and has long been on the hunt for something a good deal more comfortable and breakable. This is something that the shirts from Lawrence Hunt achieve with aplomb courtesy of the high end materials used in their crafting. They are the first shirt makers to successfully combine two distinct fabrics into one article of clothing to capitalise on the benefits of both fabrics and the end result is both superb style and unbeatable comfort.

Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton in a 4-way stretch fabric with anti-bacterial qualities to help regulate temperature and fabrics which are moisture wicking and breathable, these Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirts are the chief candidate for summer because they are going to provide heightened comfort over their competitors because of the attention to detail that has gone into their design and finish. And the fact they look so good is the mere icing on the cake.

Fantastic Fit, Magnificent Materials

When you find a purveyor of shirts and accessories that tallies with your own style tastes, chances are you’ll remain with them for the long haul and that’s exactly what Lawrence Hunt are counting on. They know that the calibre of their dress shirts really are second to none and in delivering that extra level of comfort that men have been craving from their dress shirts, they’ve added another feather to their already many feathered cap.

If, like us, you value top materials, exceptional craftsmanship and unbeatable comfort when it comes to your clothing choices, Lawrence Hunt should have well and truly forced their way to the forefront of your thinking for your next dress shirts purchases and we’re definitely impressed with both the amount of shirts they have to choose from and just how supremely well they have been made.

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