Star Brews

So, I’m not going to lie, I’ve long wanted to go to the jazz bar in Star Wars and sample the wonderful tipples that they were imbibing but, lamentably, this pipe dream has never quite come to fruition. But now, courtesy of these awesome looking concept Star Brews by a 23-year-old designer who boasts the wonderfully festive moniker of Tyler Christmas, I may soon be able to sample some intergalactic grog.

In actuality, Star Brews are merely a design project by the aforementioned Tyler Christmas so we here at Coolector HQ may well have to wait a little longer to fulfil our ambitions of a Star Wars themed beer but, should one ever come to our shelves, then we’re definitely hoping that it looks as patently awesome as these brewskies. Needless to say, the Bobba Fett beer is likely to be the most potent, absinthe-esque of the bunch and probably best avoided at all costs.

Tyler Christmas, the man behind this delicious looking drop, is a South Carolina born and Florida based graphic designer who has some impressive looking design work over on his site but, truth be told, the moment we set eyes on the Star Brews, his other work paled into insignificance. We’re sincerely hoping that the force is strong in this one and he manages to get Star Brews onto supermarket shelves and into our pint glasses here at Coolector HQ.

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