Star Wars 80s Cartoon Illustrations

Having grown up in the 80s, we watched an awful lot of cartoons during this time here at Coolector HQ and that is why we’ve got a pretty big soft spot for this Star Wars 80s Cartoon Illustrations by Mexican illustrator, Salvador Anguiano, which reimagines some of the leading characters from the Star Wars universe as 80’s style cartoons.

Taking its design inspiration from the likes of (Coolector favourites) He-Man, Thundercats et al, this cracking collection of illustrations comes from the Anguiano’s desire to have seen a filmation style cartoon of Star Wars when he was growing up but it never happened so he decided to have a go at it himself and the end results are suitably awesome. Check out a couple more of our favourites below:





If you’re a fan of Star Wars and 80s style cartoons, as we are at The Coolector, then you’ll definitely have a smile on your face right now most likely. Great visually and undoubtedly the sort of Star Wars cartoon we would have watched in the 80s. And now.

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