Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

Bit of a Star Wars heavy day today perhaps but we’re not going to apologise because, quite frankly, this gameplay footage of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game is too good to be ignored and has put our mind at ease about the apparent awesomeness of the game when it hits shelves later this year.

In this five minutes or so of gameplay footage (captured from a PS4) we see some pretty epic fight scenes that include the likes of AT-ATs and TIE Fighters, not to mention infantry on the ground (and a brief Darth Vader cameo at the end) and the action looks to be just as explosive and intense as Star Wars fans have been hoping for.

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Star Wars Battlefront is pencilled in for a November release and in the jaw-dropping video above, we are seeing an assault on Hoth unfold in glorious detail. We’re hoping that this alpha footage is indicative of what the game will be like upon release and for all us Star Wars fans out there, the next few months whilst we wait for Battlefront to hit shelves is going to be an impatient time.

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