The Star Wars Reflections Collection

Star Wars reflections

We’ve come across a lot of excellent Star Wars art during are regularly perusals of the internet at The Coolector but not many can compete with the sheer awesomeness and visual impact of this Star Wars Reflection Collection by Atlanta based artist Christian Waggoner. These incredibly striking paintings reveal some of the key characters from the Star Wars universe and, even more interestingly, another character in some form of reflection, whether this be in Bobba Fett’s visor or C3PO’s shiny metallic bodywork. It’s a clever twist on the traditional Star Wars artwork that we typically see and certainly elevates it toward the top of our cool counter.

The series of paintings by Waggoner are described as an exploration of light and reflection which has the objective of capturing some of the most memorable moments from the Star Wars films from a perspective different from that revealed in the movie and, I for one, think it does this exceptionally well. Whether it is Han Solo in carbonate as seen through Bobba Fett’s eyes or an air battle through the eyes of a Tie Fighter pilot. Superbly painted and extremely stylish, this excellent collection of artwork would definitely be a welcome addition to the walls of Coolector HQ. Check out a few of the best below:


These exceptional offerings are available in limited edition, gallery quality prints on paper and canvas and each print is individually signed by the artist.

Price: $125-$1,699

AvailableKult Studio.

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